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Bro-tox and Filler for Fellas

Bro-tox and Filler for Fellas

Although it has been a general premise that men look better than women as they age, women aren’t seeming to age anymore, thanks to better skin care, scientifically-proven products, and subtle, cosmetic interventions. We, as cosmetic surgeons, have perfected this art in women over the last 20 years with tweaks to keep us all looking younger. So where does that leave men? Historically few men have ventured into aesthetic interventions compared to their female counterparts, but this is changing! In the last five years, Botox procedures alone have increased by 84% in men. 3.6 million botulinum toxin procedures were performed in the United States in 2014; 11.5% of these were on men.

Some of the obstacles men face in keeping themselves looking great are all of the bad examples of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery gone wrong that we see in the media. Too many famous actors and singers look “feminine” and fake after plastic surgery, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Looking natural and as if you’ve had nothing done is ultra-important in a male.

We see lots of cosmetic surgery-gone-wrong in men because practitioners fail to recognize the subtle differences between a male and female face. One may not be able to detect what, in particular, differentiates a male from a female appearance, but believe me, those features are there. A masculine face has a different slope to the forehead than that of a feminine. The nose is straighter, the prominence of the cheek is completely different from that of a woman. Even the eyebrow shape or where the brow sits on the underlying bone can make one appear more masculine or feminine.

When considering a cosmetic intervention, it’s important not to cut corners – especially if you’re male, as many practitioners are not familiar with the differences in facial nuance. We can make you more handsome, more masculine, and attractive, as I have many male clients and have made it my business to thoroughly understand the male face.

Here are some more common cosmetic surgery procedures that we do to help men look their best:

This neurotoxin is most commonly used to relax muscles that cause wrinkles at the forehead, frown lines, and around the eyes. Inexperienced practitioners can give you a surprised, arched eyebrow look …not here. I want my male patients to have a strong, masculine, straight brow.
You may have had this before without great results. This may be because you weren’t given an adequate amount of neurotoxin. Men have stronger, bigger muscles (even in the face). You’re going to need more.

Here’s what I love about fillers: you can actually make an individual more attractive by changing the structure and contour of the face through fillers. I can give you a sharper jawline, a stronger brow, adjust the shape of your face to make it more edgy and masculine.
The same premise applies as I’ve outlined above: there are subtle and distinct difference between a male and female face. I want to accentuate these qualities to make you look your best.

Fat deposits
In men, I see these most often at the submental chin (waddle) and love handles. For the submental chin, two good options are Kybella and tumescent liposuction.

Kybella is a solution injected in areas of unwanted fat to dissolve it. This is best suited for small areas, such as fat under the chin. Most areas need at least two treatment sessions. Be prepared for tenderness and swelling for about a week. If you want a quick, in-office procedure, this is the one for you.

Despite laser and cryo-assisted devices on the market to date, Liposuction remains the gold standard in reduction of body fat. When performed using the tumescent technique, it is, by far, the safest, minimally invasive, and most efficacious long-lasting procedure available for eliminating fat permanently. My liposuction patients are some of the happiest we have. Liposuction in men needs to be approached differently than in women to avoid creating a female body contour. Common areas treated in males include the chin and jowls, love handles, chest, and abdomen.

As cosmetic surgery interventions for men becomes more mainstream, we are seeing great growth in this patient population. Our offerings are not limited to injectibles and liposuctions. Make an appointment and talk to us about lasers, nose reshaping, veins, redness, discolorations, skin care – you name it. We have a vested interest in keeping you attractive.

Susan Schroeder, MD