Jeuveau Injections for Reducing Frown Lines at a Juno Beach Dermatology Practice

Jeuveau Injections for Frown Lines at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs Area

No one ever really wants fine lines and wrinkles, but frown lines, in particular, can be disturbing as they can make an individual appear angry or unhappy. If you suspect that your facial expression is sending the wrong impression, Jeuveau injections may be a solution. Dr. Susan Schroeder offers effective treatment for frown lines (also called “elevens”) at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Juno Beach, Florida. What is Jeuveau, and how is it different from Botox? Most people have heard of Botox® — but you may not have heard of Jeuveau or “NewTox.” Jeuveau works similarly to Botox in that it … Continue reading

What Juno Beach patients need to know about Jeuveau injections

Jeuveau Injections In Colorado Springs Co Area at Perfect Skin Dermatology

If you’ve recently looked in a mirror and saw an older version of yourself than expected, you are not alone. Many in Juno Beach reach out to Dr. Susan Schroeder and request her help to transform them into a more refreshed and youthful younger version of themselves. Dr. Schroeder offers a full suite of aesthetic, cosmetic, and surgical solutions to help her patients achieve these outcomes. Now, with Jeuveau there’s another option to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles. What is Jeuveau Jeuveau is an injectable neuromodulator that has been approved by the FDA to treat frown lines. It is … Continue reading

The New Kid on the Block: similar but different from Botox (Juno Beach, Florida)

Jeuveau for Frown Lines Colorado in Springs area

Men and women looking for a solution for frown lines and other facial wrinkles have a wide range of options available to them at Perfect Skin Dermatology. Juno Beach, Florida area patients can speak to Dr. Susan Schroeder about cosmetic injectable treatments, including Jeuveau. What is Jeuveau? Patients who have used neuromodulators  (Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin) for the treatment of aging skin now have another choice: Jeuveau. Jeuveau is formulated with a highly purified form of the primary ingredient used in Botox known as botulinum toxin type A and works similarly as Botox when injected into facial muscles. The muscles … Continue reading