Using Botox for Facial Lines and Contours in Colorado Springs

Botox is one of the most efficient tools that cosmetic surgeons use to target wrinkles and improve contours. Botox treats fine lines and wrinkles and restores your confidence in your appearance. Dr. Schroeder takes Botox even one step further, using it to adjust facial contours: adjusting an eyebrow, thinning a face, fixing a gummy smile, improving a down-turned mouth, opening up your eyes, or lessening crepe-like skin under the eyes and on the neck.

How Botox Works

Botox works by temporarily relaxing the facial muscles. Botox is injected into the skin at several key locations in the treatment area. By blocking chemicals released by nerve endings innervating underlying muscles, the signal to contract is lessened. Facial muscles remain relaxed, and the overlying skin stays smooth and wrinkle-free. In 2002, Botox was authorized by the FDA for cosmetic use. Since that time, it has become increasingly popular with individuals wanting to remain youthful in appearance.

How Long Will a Treatment Last?

For most people, a Botox treatment will relax lines of expression for  three-to-four months. By the third month, you may begin to notice early reappearance of wrinkles. Scheduling your next injection around the end of the third month will ensure that your skin remains smooth at all times. 

Does Botox Have Side Effects?

Botox has few side effects. Immediately following the series of injections, you may feel mild tenderness around the injection site. In addition, the area may feel slightly swollen, but after 20-30 minutes, the treated area will return to normal. Some individuals may have a slight headache, but this effect is rare.  

If you live in the Colorado Springs area and want to learn more about the benefits of Botox for lines, call Dr. Susan Schroeder at Perfect Skin Dermatology.

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