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Why You Should Choose Perfect Skin Dermatology for your Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeryCosmetic Surgery encompasses procedures intended to improve one’s appearance. Under this “catch-all” are interventions as minor as skin tag and mole removals and as major as facelifts and tummy tucks. Chemical peels, Botox, and varicose vein treatments are also considered cosmetic surgical interventions.

Providers that are formally trained in this subspecialty extend across fields and include some, but not all, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists (Dermatologic Surgeons), ENT’s (Facial Plastic Surgeons), and Ophthalmologists (Oculoplastic Surgeons). Between the specialties, there is some overlap. For instance: Facial Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologic Surgeons both perform reconstructive facial surgery after Mohs Micrographic Surgery (skin cancer surgery; Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologic Surgeons both perform liposuction (albeit by separate subtypes). Not all of these specialists necessarily undergo additional formal training. Some providers may attend a weekend course or shadow a colleague. Suffice it to say, all training is not the same.

Extensive training and experience are important. As with any intervention, there is a learning curve, and there are also procedural inherent risks. As a patient, you want to ensure that your provider is experienced, knowledgeable, and confident in skills and potential complication management.

What’s often unwritten is that there is more to technique than training and experience; to be a true master at aesthetic medicine requires a combination of training, experience and natural-born talent. Your cosmetic surgery specialist needs to have a discerning eye, attention to detail, and a technical finesse that cannot be learned. Many are attracted to the art, but not all are equal artists.

Here’s why Perfect Skin Dermatology should be your choice for your cosmetic surgery needs:

Dr. Schroeder is a board-certified Dermatologist, trained at Washington University School of Medicine, one of the most elite medical training institutions in the country. After completing her Dermatology residency, she stayed-on to be a Cosmetic and Surgical fellow, where she learned and performed Mohs Micrographic Surgery, cosmetic surgery reconstructions, injectables, lasers, and liposuction. She has twenty year’s Dermatologic experience, and referencing the old adage: “see one – do one – teach one” has taught Dermatology Residents her Aesthetic techniques as an Assistant Professor at University of Colorado School of Medicine. She has experience in every aspect of dermatologic cosmetic surgery and from every angle: student, provider, teacher, and patient.

What you may not know is that Dr. Schroeder has an unusual, but befitting background. She had a creative visual arts affinity since childhood. Her parents recognized these strengths and supplemented her education starting with art classes at age five progressing to ceramics, watercolor, oils, acrylics, pen-and-ink, silversmithing, and woodcuts. She taught herself to sew at age 13 and knit at 20. She attended Fashion Institute of Design (Los Angeles), received an Associate’s degree in Clothing Design, and went on to start Crimes of Fashion, her own clothing line before making the switch to attend medical school.

With her background, it only makes sense that Dr. Schroeder would gravitate to a cosmetic surgery field. Her training, artistic background, and natural affinity make her an unparalleled leader in the field.