We have moved to Florida!

Perfect Skin Dermatology will be moving to Juno Beach, Florida soon with an expected opening in Fall 2022.

Our new location is at:
790 Juno Ocean Walk Suite 203-C Juno Beach, FL 33408

Thank you for many wonderful years in Colorado Springs!

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Dear Patients:

We have transitioned our practice to a direct patient care model. At Perfect Skin Dermatology, our number one goal is to take care of you, our patient. We believe that we are best serving you with a doctor-patient relationship that addresses you as an individual with specific needs and enables us to formulate treatment without restrictions from insurance companies, government, or employers. By providing you with direct care, we simplify the healthcare equation by cutting costs, improving access, and allowing you more control over your care, while the whole experience is financially transparent.

Advantages of Direct Patient Care

  • Immediate appointments: we will accommodate you the same week or the next-week for most routine services.
  • Your Appointment is Never Rushed: you pick the amount of time that you need to address all of your needs (please see our table of appointment times for general guidelines).
  • Decreased Wait Times: we believe in quality over quantity and will never schedule more than 15 patients in a day (as opposed to most other dermatology practices, who schedule 30-50 patients for each provider daily).
  • You will ALWAYS see the Doctor: Dr. Schroeder believes there is no substitute for training. You are paying for excellent care rendered by a Board-certified and fellowship-trained Dermatologist, and you should receive nothing less.
  • Higher Quality Care: Physicians who opt-out of insurance-based reimbursement can spend more time with their patients and provide the treatments that we, as physicians, believe are best, not what a bureaucrat without specialized medical training mandates. We can dispose of superfluous governmental regulations that add nothing to your individual care.

What Does it Mean to be a Direct Patient Care Practice?

There are no hidden fees or surprise bills months later. You pay for exactly the care that you receive on the day that you receive it, and you know what the cost will be prior to treatment. This is not a membership club or a concierge service. You do not need to be “accepted” into our practice. You receive individualized care when you need it on your terms.

Many of our patients may be relieved, as they have high-deductible insurance, and a direct pay arrangement is more cost-effective for them. It also means that patients can choose what’s most important to them and take as little or as much time as they need. It means that billing is primarily by time, and minor procedures during that visit (liquid nitrogen, shave and punch biopsies, electrodesiccation) will be less costly add-ons to the time factor (for example, $20 for cryotherapy, destruction, or shave excision as opposed to $160-230 billed by insurance).

How Does a Direct Care Model Work?

Patients having private insurance will pay Perfect Skin Dermatology directly for care at the time of service. Health spending and flex spending accounts are both accepted forms of payment for dermatologic services. For those patients that wish to submit their charges to their private insurance for reimbursement, upon request, we provide an itemized and coded form and an out-of-network-healthcare reimbursement form for a fee ($5). Not all insurance plans allow for reimbursement. Please check with your individual plan regarding the rules that regulate these payments.

All new and existing patients will need to sign a private contract prior to receiving medical services at Perfect Skin Dermatology. For those patients with Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare, you will not be reimbursed by your governmental insurance, nor by any supplemental insurance for any services rendered by Dr. Schroeder. Your insurance WILL, however, be in effect for any labs, pathology services, medications, or imaging studies ordered through our office.

Scheduling and Pricing

You may send us an email through our website to have us contact you at www.perfectskinderm.com.

All medical, surgical, and cosmetic office visits must be paid at the time of service. Your office visit fee will be charged at the time of your appointment

New cosmetic patients require a 30-minute consultation. If time-allowing, procedures may be performed the same day. Please be sure to let us know that you would like a same-day procedure, so that we may allow enough time during your visit.

Longer appointments (cosmetic and surgical procedures) may require a deposit to reserve the appointment time. If this is the case, you will be notified at the time of booking.

Health Savings (HSA) and Flex Spending accounts can be used for non-cosmetic services. Some insurance companies may require a coded receipt (superbill) as proof of services.

We accept cash, debit cards, HSA and FSA cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do not accept checks at this time.

Due to government regulations, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Tricare, or other government insurance can be seen for medical services but the fees cannot be reimbursed by insurance. Patients with these insurances must sign a waiver before receiving care.

Fee Schedules

The following tables provide general guidelines and examples for visits based on time. You are more than welcome to discuss these parameters with us when you book an appointment for guidance.

Regarding Cosmetic Services: these appointments are based on individual quotes; only the consult is based on time (and is good towards services as explained below).


10 minutes $80 Follow-up and previously seen at our office within the past year.Follow-up monitoring on a mole.
Follow-up wart treatment or injection.
Follow-up for refills only without a change in management for a simple problem, such as acne, eczema.
20 minutes (11-20 minutes) $150 Recommended time slot for one minor procedure, such as actinic keratoses, skin tags, or a shave biopsy.A new rash.
Initial acne visit, or a follow-up for uncontrolled acne.
Upper body skin exam.
30 minutes (21-30 minutes) $220 Recommended minimum visit for a full-body skin exam.Patients who need or want up to 2 minor procedures.
Extensive rash.
Hair loss consultation.
Cosmetic Consultations.*
45 minutes (31-45 minutes) $300 Patients with multiple complex dermatologic problems.Patients who need or want 3-4 minor procedures.
Patients with an extensive skin cancer history.
This time slot requires a deposit upon scheduling.
60 minutes (45-60 minutes) $400 Patients who wish to address multiple medical and cosmetic concerns.Patients who require or want multiple procedures (>4) in the same visit.
This time slot requires a deposit upon scheduling.


Time CostExamples
30 minutes $400 1. Excision of a small ( up to roughly 1.5 cm) cyst, scar, lipoma, or mole, and repair with stitches.
2. Earlobe repair.
45 minutes $6001. Excision of small skin cancer and repair with stitches.
2. Multiple punch excisions for acne scars.
60 minutes $8001. Excision of two small moles, lipomas.
2. Excision of larger cyst (2-4 cm), skin cancer (1.5-2 cm).
90 minutes $12001. Extensive excision/reconstruction for skin cancers or facial deformity.

Other Fees

Additional charge for biopsies, injections, cryotherapy, or cantharidin is a $20 flat fee, regardless of how many lesions are treated/removed during the scheduled time frame.

  • Medical Coding Fee (superbill): $5.00
  • Medication Prior Authorization: $25.00
  • Medication Prior Authorization for Biologics: $50.00
  • FMLA and other similar forms: $25.00

Notice of Services

All patients wishing to be seen should review and sign our Notice of Services prior to/at their first appointment.

We require a signed copy prior to your first appointment.