We have moved to Florida!

Perfect Skin Dermatology will be moving to Juno Beach, Florida soon with an expected opening in Fall 2022.

Our new location is at:
790 Juno Ocean Walk Suite 203-C Juno Beach, FL 33408

Thank you for many wonderful years in Colorado Springs!

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Earlobe trauma results from wearing heavy earrings that split the earlobe or catching an earring inadvertently, causing it to tear. Earlobe repair performed by Dr. Susan Schroeder at Perfect Skin MD in Colorado Springs, CO, is a quick and effective surgical procedure that will result in intact earlobes. Earlobes that are damaged are a source of embarrassment for many individuals, so why wait? Come into our office today for a consultation and see what options are available to you.

Oversized holes in the earlobe caused by expanders (plugs) earrings to intentionally stretch the hole can also be repaired. Earlobe reshaping and resizing for those that just don’t like the appearance of their ears is also available.

Preparing for Treatment

Repairing your earlobe will require local anesthetic in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. Once the ear is numbed, work can begin, and it takes, on average, around an hour to complete.

The Procedure

To repair a torn ear lobe, Dr. Schroeder will first “freshen” the edges of the torn lobe. removing a small amount of skin. She will repair the earlobe by reshaping and using very fine sutures so that you walk away with a normal and rounded earlobe that closely matches your natural ear shape.

Post Procedure

Once work is completed on your ear, you will be able to immediately go home with a small pressure bandage in place. After 8-10 days, your sutures are removed. Once your earlobe has fully healed and the scar has softened, you can get your ear re-pierced (about 6 months).

You will keep the bandage/dressing in place overnight. It is best to keep the surgical site clean by gentle cleansing and applications of a barrier ointment throughout the day.