Fractionated CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing equipment

CO2 is the benchmark for laser skin rejuvenation. At Perfect Skin, we use the Lumenis Acupulse system, delivering both the DeepFX and Active FX resurfacing solutions. With these two modalities, we can offer dramatic results for a wide range of skin concerns, from deep wrinkles, fine lines, laxity, uneven skin tone, texture, pores, and even scarring.

Is it Safe?

Both the Deep FX and Active FX treatments were developed by aesthetic medicine pioneers and are cleared by the FDA and validated by dozens of studies. That being said, powerful treatments such as these are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Talk to us about what you would like to achieve and whether this treatment is suited for you.

What Should I Expect?

Results: The main advantage of these treatments is that you will see results after just one treatment. As your skin heals, you will begin to notice improvement in your wrinkles, fine lines, tone, and texture. Remodeling and improvement will continue for up to two years, as new collagen is produced.

Post-operatively: Immediately after the procedure, your skin will be warm, red, and swollen. The degree to which you will have these side effects will be determined by how aggressive your treatment settings are. The more powerful the treatment, the greater the results, but also the more downtime you will have(2 weeks as opposed to 4-7 days).

How Does it Work?

Our CO2 fractional laser creates micro-channels that trigger new collagen and elastic fiber production, while leaving skip areas of normal skin in-between (reducing healing time). The result is deep dermal regeneration that dramatically improves skin appearance and youthfulness with a quicker recovery time and fewer risks.

Does it Hurt?

We use local anesthetic, as well as intramuscular injections to control your pain. The amount of anesthetic you receive depends on how large or small a treated area is, how aggressive the treatment is, and your individual pain tolerance. Medications are only given under supervision with the latest, most state-of-the-art monitoring systems for your comfort and safety. We do not perform general or conscious sedation; you will be awake, relaxed, and comfortable. You will require a ride home by a friend or relative (not Uber, Lyft, or Taxi).


Dr. Schroeder has been using CO2 lasers on patients since 2000, and was in 2008, one-of-two first-physicians in Colorado to offer CO fractionated resurfacing (Fraxel). Technology has continued to advance, and so have available treatments. Lumenis Acupulse system is safe, effective, and powerful, with more dramatic results than ever before!

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