Medical and cosmetic mole removal in Colorado Springs, CO

Get Rid of Moles in Colorado Springs CO area

With so many outdoor activities that the Colorado Springs area has to offer, our residents tend to have ample sun exposure. While outdoor sports and leisure are great for your overall health and well-being, exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can contribute to the development of skin cancer. In fact, approximately 22 out of every 100,000 people in Colorado each year are diagnosed with skin cancer. If you are faced with a concerning mole or a simple benign mole that you want removed, the expert team at Perfect Skin Dermatology can help.

Mole Removal Options

Whether you were born with a mole or a birthmark that you dislike, or have developed skin tags or suspicious moles, we can address your concerns with various treatment options. 

  • Surgical excision – this is one of the most common ways to remove a mole that has been previously biopsied and is proven to be atypical or malignant.
  • Shave removal – requires no sutures and is quick. Best for cosmetic mole removals and for lesions that have a component raised above the skin surface.
  • Punch biopsy – uses a punch device that resembles a miniature apple-core appliance. A full thickness of skin is removed and sutures are placed.
  • Snip excision – curved scissors are used to safely and gently removed skin tags (removal is considered cosmetic by all insurance companies).

Why Choose Perfect Skin

Dr. Susan Schroeder is a highly-skilled and experienced board-certified dermatologist who is dedicated to not only eliminating cancerous or unwanted moles, but also keeping your aesthetic appearance in mind and ensuring that the results look flawless. She prides herself on barely perceptible scars. With advanced fellowship training in surgical procedures, Dr. Schroeder is a nationally recognized expert in dermatology. At Perfect Skin Dermatology, she assures that you will receive compassionate and thorough care from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

To schedule a skin exam or an evaluation for a suspicious or unwanted mole, call us today at (719) 421-7132.

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