Jeuveau Injections for Reducing Frown Lines at a Colorado Springs Dermatology Practice

No one ever really wants fine lines and wrinkles, but frown lines, in particular, can be disturbing as they can make an individual appear angry or unhappy. If you suspect that your facial expression is sending the wrong impression, Jeuveau injections may be a solution. Dr. Susan Schroeder offers effective treatment for frown lines (also called “elevens”) at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What is Jeuveau, and how is it different from Botox?

Most people have heard of Botox® — but you may not have heard of Jeuveau or “NewTox.” Jeuveau works similarly to Botox in that it uses a similar purified botulinum toxin to relax the facial muscles that lead to wrinkle formation. Although it has only been FDA-approved for a little over 2 years, Jeuveau has quickly become a popular choice for frown lines. Also, studies have shown that Jeuveau may work faster and last longer than Botox. 

More than just frown lines

Beyond relaxing muscles responsible for frown lines, Dr. Schroeder is skilled at using precise Jeuveau injections to treat crow’s feet and horizontal forehead lines. She uses it to widen eye aperture, sculpt jaws and neck, thin your facial appearance, and smooth the skin. Both men and women can benefit from Jeuveau injections. Dr. Schroeder uses a combination of skill, precision, and artistry to help you achieve the attractive contours and youthful, smooth skin you desire.

Aside from excellent results, patients choose Jeuveau injections because they:

  • See noticeable results in just three-to-five days.
  • Require no downtime.
  • Are quick to administer, typically taking approximately 20 minutes.
  • Last three to four months (and often longer).

Learn whether Jeuveau is right for you

Jeuveau is one of many treatment options that Dr. Schroeder provides at Perfect Skin Dermatology to assist patients in maintaining or rejuvenating their appearance. A consult with her to learn your preferences and goals before recommending treatments that best fit your unique needs is her approach. To schedule your consultation, call our Colorado Springs office today at (719) 421-7132 or request an appointment online!

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