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The latest, most exciting Cosmetic Surgery innovations in the past year is Vaginal Rejuvenation. The topic, in and of itself is not entirely new, but advances and adaptations of existing treatments addressing this area have greatly improved patients’ options.

I have worked with lasers for twenty years, seen innovation, lectured, and instructed young Dermatologists on this topic at two Universities. Some devices deliver better results. With that in mind, when I re-established my practice, I researched exactly the type and brand of laser I wanted to work with:fractional CO2, for skin rejuvenation (resurfacing and tightening). When I started to think seriously about vaginal rejuvenation, the same thought process was in play: the most efficacious results in the safest device. There is no other greater than FemTouch™.

The FemTouch™ vaginal laser rejuvenation treatment restores vaginal health by remodeling tissue and reducing/eliminating signs of vaginal atrophy (dryness, pain with sex, itching and burning), stress urinary incontinence, and laxity caused by childbirth and menopause. The procedure is quick, painless, non-invasive, with minimal downtime, and  risk. For many patients, the treatment is life-changing, and satisfaction is incredibly high with some patients experiencing results even after one treatment!

Current lasers addressing vaginal rejuvenation include:

Thermi VA™ – a radio-frequency device, similar to Thermage™. Tightening is achieved but is not long-lasting, takes longer to perform the treatment, and requires more maintenance.

Diva™ – uses Erbium YAG to deliver fractionated ablation. This laser works well, but I have completely abandoned Erbium YAG technology, as compared to CO2, as it only offers 2% collagen production, compared to CO2’s whopping 25%. Do you really want just a 2% increase in collagen in this area?

Mona Lisa™ – uses fractionated CO2, similar to  FemTouch™.  FemTouch™, however, has the ability to deliver a more powerful treatment (if desired) and also to treat the external area; Mona Lisa™ can’t compete.

So here’s what you can expect from FemTouch™:

improved-to-elimination of urinary stress incontinence (depending upon your health and level of severity).
significant tightening of the vaginal walls, increased lubrication, and enhanced sensation.
decreased/elimination of pain with intercourse.
for patients unable to be on hormonal replacement, this treatment has been a Godsend: thickening the vaginal wall and replenishing a moist environment.

The treatments are PAINLESS and last 5-10 minutes.

Downtime is minimal; the only restriction is no sex for 3 days.

Most patients opt for three treatments, although I have had some patients with fabulous results after just one.

If you think that FemTouch™ is exciting, this next subject will blow you away: PRP Vaginal Rejuventaion.
PRP stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma. You may have heard of this, as it is used in other medical fields, most commonly Orthopedic Surgery for joint repair. The process involves drawing a patient’s blood and then processing it to extract only the platelets (responsible for clotting the blood) and the buffy coat (layer of white blood cells). The platelets are then processed, causing release of potent growth factors. Your own growth factor is then re-introduced at a very high concentration, wherever rejuvenation is desired. For vaginal rejuvenation, we inject the clitoris, anterior vaginal wall, and the G spot.

The procedure is virtually painless, as we do use topical and intralesional numbing(once the topical has taken effect). Most patients experience an urge to urinate during the procedure lasting less than 5 minutes. You may experience mild drainage over the next 24 hours.

Patients report feeling “more sensation” at about three weeks. At three months, however, the full effect kicks in, causing a Viagra-like effect in women: increased and more intense orgasms. This procedure also helps those individuals who are anorgasmic (unable to have orgasms). Additionally, because of the increase in collagen, patients also experience decreased (or elimination of ) urinary stress incontinence.

Why should you get PRP with us? We are the only office in the state (using it for hair loss, micro needling, and vaginal rejuvenation) to have the most powerful PRP machine. Whereas other offices may be able to offer you a product with 1.7x normal serum growth factor level, our system delivers a whopping 6 TIMES normal concentration, giving you the most potent procedure available.

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