Colorado Springs dermatologist brings experience and artistry to lip rejuvenation

Your smile is one of your most memorable characteristics. Do you like what it says about you? Or are you troubled by thin lips or lip wrinkles? Susan Schroeder MD is Board-certified in dermatology. She trained at the prestigious Washington University School of Medicine and received additional instruction in cosmetic and surgical procedures. Just as important, she has a natural affinity for balance and design. Lip rejuvenation is one of the areas where her talents shine bright for patients of Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs.

You have options in lip rejuvenation in Colorado Springs

Full lips with a defined vermillion border surrounded by smooth skin are an asset to the entire face. Yet every person has one-of-a-kind anatomy, and unique goals for lip rejuvenation. That is why there is no cookie cutter lip line treatment at Perfect Skin Dermatology. In Dr. Schroeder’s care, you receive personalized attention to get a pout looking its prettiest.

Lip plumping injections – Dr. Schroeder performs lip injections personally. She utilizes hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane for a soft, natural appearance that lasts several months to a year. She places these smooth fillers to improve periorbital lines at the corners of the mouth and radiating from lips.

Natural lip fillers – While the soft tissue fillers used at Perfect Skin Dermatology are safe and FDA-approved, perhaps you prefer a more natural approach. Fat transfer is the process of grafting fat from a donor site into lips, where it becomes part of the underlying structure. Since the fat is harvested from your own body, there is no chance of allergy or rejection. Dr. Schroeder’s microdroplet transplant technique provides lovely, long-lasting lip augmentation.

Dr. Schroeder would love to design a personalized strategy for your smile enhancement. Call (719) 421-7132 to schedule a consultation.

Kiss thin lips goodbye and get ready to fall in love with your lips after lip rejuvenation treatment
Bring dull, flat lips to life and bring balance to your facial features with a customized lip rejuvenation treatment at Perfect Skin Dermatology. Dr. Schroeder will work with you to choose the right treatment to achieve the results you desire so that you can look your best.
Schedule a consultation if you’re ready to fall in love with full, defined lips!