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Fox21 News Living Local, 12-4-18

Meet the FOX21 Dermatology Partner, Perfect Skin Dermatology

Right here at FOX21 we have a brand new dermatology partner.. Perfect Skin Dermatology! Living Local was joined by Doctor Schroeder to tell us everything about her background and whats her such an expert in her field.To get your very own healthy skin, head to

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Erin Says blog, 8-3-17

Months ago, I received an email from a Dr. Susan Schroeder in Colorado Springs, who explained that everything ages and wanted to rejuvenate Erin’s and my lady bits. EVERYTHING? I narrowed my eyes. I am the queen of anti-aging. Wrinkles, sun spots, laugh lines, acne? I cover it all…but the ole’ vertical smile? I wasn’t a slut in high school and I have only had one kid, so I just assumed I was el perfecto south of the boarder. Obviously, this was absolutely unacceptable to me. We.Were.Going.

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Denver Post, 10-10-16

Susan Schroeder, assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, called the sunscreen dispensers a good idea to help prevent deadly melanoma, which has especially high mortality rates for men over age 65.

Sunburns that blister, especially if the person is under 18 when they get those burns, are particularly dangerous and double the chance that person will get melanoma later in life. But even minor sunburns can be dangerous because sun damage has a cumulative effect as people age, Schroeder said.

“Every little bit of sun you get, the body is going to remember that.”

Physical sunblocks include titanium dioxode, zinc oxide or both. “It sits on the skin and the rays bounce off,” said Schroeder.

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KKTV News “Better Than Botox?”, 2-2-06

Both ladies sought out cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Susan Ellis. She recommended trying the new collagen, Restylane, to enhance their looks. Anesthesia is administered so the patients don’t feel the needle pokes. Then a few minutes later, the gel is injected right into their skin. The goal is to fill in those areas once occupied by lines and wrinkles.

But doctors say Restylane’s biggest benefit is its longevity. “Traditional collagens would last three to four months. Restylane lasts six months, nine months, and in rare individuals, even twelve months,” says Dr. Ellis.

But is it better than Botox? Both doctors say it’s not fair to compare the two. “I wouldn’t call it better than Botox because it’s different from Botox. They’re very different compounds,” says Dr. Trookman.

This is Dr. Ellis’ take on it: “Botox is used to paralyze muscles. So if you have lines that are produced by frowning or muscular movement, it’s going to dissipate those lines. Collagen will work to dissipate some of those lines, but it also will work on lines that are not caused by underlying muscle movement.”

“There are people out there that want something’s that’s permanent—that lasts forever. But forever is a very, very long time and people may change the way they feel about their looks,” says Dr. Ellis.

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KKTV News “Skin Deep”, 5-25-04

Other local patients are also undergoing Mohs surgery. They went to dermatologist Susan Ellis to remove their basal cell carcinomas. Walter Illian is 84 years old. Dr. Ellis is fellowship-trained in this advanced technique. She likes the precision Mohs surgery offers for removing various types of skin cancer. Walter’s cancer has deeper roots, so Dr. Ellis will go back to work. “I can see that it is still present on the red edge all the way to the center,” says Dr. Ellis. After 5 rounds of treatment, it was totally removed. Both doctors use various techniques to ensure the wounds not only heal but look good cosmetically. “I do find that I have to counsel people and say, ‘ Look, you’re going to be black and blue. You’re going to be swollen. You have a lot of stitches right now, but you’ll be amazed at how good it looks,’” says Dr. Ellis.

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