Neck lift Benefits in Colorado Springs, CO

Not all patients need or desire a full facelift. As modern surgical techniques continue to evolve, so have alternatives to achieving natural-looking results. At Perfect Skin Dermatology, we preserve your facial features, so you still look like yourself, just a refreshed and younger version. Board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Susan Schroeder is pleased to offer the benefits of a neck lift as a stand-alone alternative or part-of a conventional facelift. 


A facelift improves signs of aging on the face and neck, including skin laxity and fallen contours: nasolabial folds around the mouth and nose, loss of volume, jowls, and a double chin or “turkey wattle.” A neck lift essentially improves age-related changes along the jaw and neck. It targets laxity and excess fatty tissue in the lower face and underneath the chin. It also corrects vertical band lines on the neck (platysmal bands). 


Healthy prospective necklift patients may feel youthful. Their appearance and contours of their neck and jawline may not align with how they feel. A lax and aging neck detracts from an overall vibrant appearance. A neck lift or platysmaplasty is a reasonable alternative for individuals who are not ready to undergo more extensive procedures.

A neck lift procedure results in a significant improvement in lower facial/neck contours in that it diminishes fat, corrects muscle laxity, and removes excess skin. Dramatic results can last for years if done properly (and with good skincare). This procedure is an exceptional alternative to nonsurgical options that produce more subtle improvement and require ongoing treatments for temporary results. Also, most nonsurgical treatments may do one thing very well (i.e., they lessen fat or to tighten skin). These lesser procedures don’t tighten skin, muscles and remove excess skin and fat all at once. Scars are minimal and well-concealed due to the nature of the neck lift process and Dr. Schroeder’s excellent skill and techniques. 

In conclusion, a neck lift has a highly favorable 92% “worth it” rating on the health care consumer platform RealSelf ( based on almost 1,500 reviews). RealSelf reports that the average facelift costs nearly 3,500 dollars more than the average cost of a neck lift. Put another way, the neck lift costs about 40% less than the facelift. As with other cosmetic and surgical procedures, costs vary widely depending on factors such as the provider’s surgical experience and accompanying procedures, such as a brow lift.

Overall, a neck lift is of great value. It is widely considered a “one and done” process, which gets dramatic results that cannot be achieved through nonsurgical means. To find out more about options to rejuvenate your facial features and contours with the Perfect Skin Dermatology team, contact us today at (719) 421-7132 to schedule your consultation.

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