Everything you need to know about Neck Lift surgery

At Perfect Skin Dermatology, our team led by Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Schroeder is pleased to offer many options to restore the health and vibrancy of our patients in Juno Beach, Florida, and the surrounding area. We not only offer significant yet safe nonsurgical therapies as a bridge between noninvasive procedures but Dr. Schroeder is also skilled at a range of surgical procedures, such as neck (and jawline) lift surgery.

Everything you need to know about Neck Lift surgery

Who makes a good candidate for neck lift surgery?

For patients who do not need, nor do they want, a full facelift, the neck lift process may be in their happier futures. Individuals well-suited to the “lower rhytidectomy,” as the “neck lift” is known in medical parlance, largely have: 

  • Laxity of the skin in the lower face (jawline and neck)
  • Excessive fatty deposits underneath the chin and submental area
  • Bands around the neck or prominent platysmal banding caused by skin thinning and collagen loss over time 
  • Overall loss of facial definition 
  • Lower facial tissues that do not complement a still-refreshed appearance in the upper face; i.e., due to the presence of excessive folds, jowls, and “turkey wattle”


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As with other surgical treatments, suitable patients should be generally healthy, abstain from smoking, and have realistic/positive expectations about prospective treatment results. If you and Dr. Schroeder decide to move forward with this treatment, we will provide clear and thorough instructions preoperatively. Depending on your circumstances and needs, preparation may involve temporary changes in  medications or supplements. 

The neck lift process

 The process itself involves administering local tumescent anesthesia, as discussed prior to your surgery. Well-placed incisions are then made to access tissues in the treatment areas. From there, Dr. Schroeder applies her considerable skill to recontour resuspend deeper structures. The muscles responsible for neck bands may also be tightened. Once your rejuvenated contours have been established, Dr. Schroeder redrapes the overlying tissue and trims redundant skin. Liposuction may also be performed to suction off fat from the submental (double chin) area. Then, the small incisions are beautifully and almost imperceptibly closed. 

Now, for the satisfying part: Get ready for stunning results! Once the surgical sites have healed and swelling and bruising have subsided, you can enjoy a refreshed and attractively balanced appearance. As we did with pre-operative instructions, we also provide detailed post-operative directions to support a healthy, complication-free recovery. With continued excellent sun protection, skin care, and self-care, the results from a neck lift can last for years. Your restored confidence and contours await!

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