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Cecilia Webster

Practice Manager


With over 20 years of experience in the medical field, Cecilia Webster is an experienced medical professional who brings innovation to Perfect Skin Dermatology. She began her Dermatological career with Dr. Schroeder in 2003. Her extensive background includes knowledge in all areas of our practice: receptionist, billing specialist, medical assistant, plus six years assisting with Mohs and other skin cancer surgeries. With this background, we know she is integral in managing our practice with efficiency, integrity, and poise. She manages scheduling, billing, quality assurance systems, outside agencies, and staff to ensure the smoothest and most accurate operations possible.

Cecilia grew up on the beautiful southern Oregon Coast and attended Southern Oregon State College. She has since lived in various parts of the United States along with a brief time in Panama. She has raised three wonderful children and now enjoys life as a grandparent. She has lived in Colorado since 2000 and enjoys spending time in the mountains with her family. She owns a mischievous, yet adorable bunny named Mildred.

Cecilia rejoined Dr. Schroeder in 2016 to open Perfect Skin Dermatology. She is passionate about Dermatology and keeping up to date on the latest innovations and incorporating them into the practice. She strives to lead a team that provides the utmost compassionate and exceptional service to our patients.