March 28, 2022
To our very special patients:

Some of you may already know that I have decided to relocate my practice, Perfect Skin Dermatology P.C., to Florida. Our last day at the Colorado Springs office will be May 26, 2022. We would be overjoyed to see you at Perfect Skin Dermatology in our new Juno Beach location (Palm Beach area), with an expected opening in Fall 2022.

As we are not closing, your medical records continue to be available to you. Our practice name and website address will remain the same. Our current phone number will be valid until August 31, 2022. Thereafter, our new number will be accessible on our website. You can continue to purchase products through our microsites listed below.

If there is anything you would like to address with me while I am still local, I urge you to call Cheryl for an appointment/procedure at your earliest convenience, as we are beginning to fill our remaining appointment times and want to accommodate you as best we can.

If you would like to continue with some of the services we offer with other providers, we have included a list of resources at the end of this letter.

It has been my absolute pleasure to be at your service and help you obtain “Perfect Skin!” The hardest thing for me is leaving my exceptional patients, and I wish I could bring you all with me. Please know that I can still do virtual appointments and am always a phone call or email away for questions about your past treatments.

Thank you for your gracious support.


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American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

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Lumenis (CO2 and FemTouch)

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