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Scar Revision Surgery at Perfect Skin MD

Scar Revision Surgery

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A scar can be altered with laser or surgical scar revision to blend into the skin and become much less noticeable. It may also be improved with carefully-placed steroid injections, microneedling, chemical peels, or topical therapies. It is advised that you allow your body to heal for a year before seeking scar revision surgery, as it usually takes this long for a scar to completely remodel on its own. While scar revision surgery may not be able to erase a scar completely, our team will do everything in their power so that it is less noticeable. When you arrive for your first consultation, Dr. Schroeder will discuss available treatment options with you.


Modern medical techniques and technology have allowed for the development of several scar removal methods, but it helps understand some common scar types.

  • Superficial scars are often subtle and do not cause any issues other than being unsightly.
  • Keloids can be large, painful, and are raised above the skin. They are often discolored and expand their growth beyond the original scar.
  • Hypertrophic scars will not extend beyond the scar site but tend to be thick and painful.
  • A contracture scar develops over a large area of your skin and makes the skin tight and can impair movement. A burn scar is one form of this.

Scar Revision

At Perfect Skin MD, our scar revision procedures are performed in a safe, clean, and relaxed environment. We want every patient to feel comfortable in what could be an otherwise stressful situation. Most of our procedures to revise scars will only require a local anesthetic. After your scar revision, you may be recommended a daily regimen to follow at home so that the area will continue to heal properly. Our goal is to minimize visual imperfections caused by scarring so that our patients feel confident in exposing any area of skin where an unattractive scar once resided.