Beautiful skin from head to toe: SilkPeel Dermalinfusion in Colorado Springs

Skin revitalization can be a pampering process in Colorado Springs, when it is performed at Perfect Skin Dermatology. Our skilled aesthetician suggest SilkPeel Dermalinfusion as a gentle alternative for a healthy, refreshed facial complexion, or for virtually any area where skin is troubled.

Dermal Infusion

Hydrodermabrasion skin treatment as a face peel

Silkpeel Dermal Infusion treatment top view

SilkPeel skin peeling combines exfoliation with deep infusion of condition-specific serums. The patented three-in-one diamond head handpiece removes rough, dry, damaged skin cells at the surface. Gentle pneumatic suction brings skin close to the head, ensuring even treatment. It also whisks away oil and debris for thorough extraction and deep pore cleansing. Serum is simultaneously infused into clean, open pores for deep penetration.

Dermalinfusion is safe for all skin types, and is a painless option for:

  • Hyperpigmentation treatment – To lighten freckles and melasma.
  • Acne treatment – The pore clarifying infusion serum calms breakouts and clears skin. Dermalinfusion also improves acne scarring and discoloration.
  • Photodamage treatment – The detoxifying vitamin C serum is ideal for age spots, sun spots, and rough skin texture.
  • Improved radiance with the brightening serum.
  • Dehydration – The ultra-hydrating serum plumps the epidermis by up to 70 percent, visibly refining lines and wrinkles.
  • Stimulating healthy cellular renewal.
Dermal Infusion graphic illustration

There is no downtime, and you see immediate results after a single Dermalinfusion treatment. Plus, it initiates natural repair and recovery processes for further improvement in texture, tone, and radiance. Depending on your skin enhancement goals, the aesthetician may suggest a series of weekly Dermalinfusions for optimal results.

Your complexion does not end at your chin. Why should your skin care?

Silkpeel Dermal Infusion before after

With the Dermalinfusion body system, treatment can be adjusted from mild to more aggressive to address these areas and concerns:

  • Décolletage – Fine lines, wrinkles, crepiness, and sun damage
  • Back and chest – Acne
  • Breasts and abdomen – Stretch marks
  • Upper arms and legs – Keratosis pilaris (unsightly little bumps and dryness)
  • Elbows – Rough, dry skin and discoloration
  • Thighs – Cellulite (Dermalinfusion provides deep lymphatic massage while improving skin elasticity)
  • Hand and feet – Extreme dryness and cracking

Experience SilkPeel Dermalinfusion in Colorado Springs, and you will be hooked on the benefits. Call (719) 421-7132 to schedule aesthetic treatment at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs.

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