• R
    Roxanne T.

    I wanted to mention again how great you two were and how good of a job Alyssa did. She over impressed me for sure! Little things matter and you guys rocked it.

  • L
    Liz W.

    I want to rave about this place! I was greeted so kindly and so compassionately by the staff and Dr. Schroeder. I had anxiety going in but it disappeared within minutes. Dr. Schroeder made me feel so at ease and really took her time to get to know me and address my concerns. By far the best dermatologist I have experienced!

  • S
    Sharon C.

    I was recently diagnosed with a very rare hair / skin disease. It’s been quite scary, but Dr. Schrouder was knowledgable, understanding and so willing to work with me on treating this disease. She offered a lot of advise and also let me know there are many options out there. Glad I chose her!

  • C
    Conchita B.

    Very comfortable and luxury setting , a welcoming experience. I will continue to have procedures done only with Dr. Schroeder. I found her to be kind and caring and I trust her professionalism. Everything I had done at her office has made a major improvement in my life . It is easy to feel good about going to a doctor, when everyone including the staff is kind and caring and reassuring.

  • J
    Jennifer M.

    Dr. Schroeder’s patient care is as perfect as her practice. She is so attentive, supportive, brilliant, and will take the time to research any issue with you right then and there to put your concerns at ease. I went there for itchy skin issue and I feel that she is still working with me everytime to fix it. Some doctors just come in, take a look, tell you whats wrong, prescribe and quickly exits. She sits down to make sure all your concerns have been addressed even trivial one’s that you may not think could be affecting the bigger problem but through proper questions and research; you find that it is all tied together. She us now my go to and I will be sticking with her until its resolved.

  • S
    Sarah S.

    Where do I even begin?! I came to Dr. Schroeder desperate for answers for a scalp problem I’ve been dealing with for over a year. She was the 4th dermatologist I had been to in a year. I was wrongly diagnosed by 3 other dermatologist and as you can imagine, desperate for answers. I had severe scalp pain, burning, itching and diffuse hair loss. Dr. Schroeder actually took the TIME to listen to me, my history and let me decided the level of aggression we were going to take in order to find answers. After listening to me she suggested it might be nerve damage due to sun exposure from previously working outside in South Florida. It was something no other doctor had thought of, but also no other dermatologist took the time to listen to me or my history. When my biopsy came back it was confirmed nerve damage. (Also, Cheryl came in during my scalp biopsy to hold my hand as it was mildly uncomfortable). I cannot tell you the RELIEF I felt to finally have answers to why I was losing hair and dealing with pain for over a year. During my check up visit I made time to tell her how thankful I was that she took the time to listen to me and ask the right questions. I gave her a hug, so overjoyed that I finally had an answer. It is very difficult as a young woman to manage scalp pain, itching and hair loss. I’m thankful I didn’t stop searching for answers and a real doctor. She will be my dermatologist as long as I live in the springs. Thank you so so much for listening to me like a friend!

  • A
    Awen S.

    I love the Dr. she is super nice, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. The office is beautiful and the staff is very welcoming.

  • J
    John C.

    The office ambiance is very welcoming. Dr. Schroeder and staff are professional, knowledgeable, efficient, compassionate, and thorough. On a 5 star scale, I regret having but 5 stars to give.

  • C
    Colleen S.

    Staff so welcoming, kind, and low-key. Dr. Schroeder was patient in answering all my questions and ensuring I was comfortable with the course of treatment.

  • E
    Erin K.

    Dr. Schroeder and staff were great! Very professional and nice. I went in to get a mole on my jawline removed and I was in and out in 10 minutes. Dr. Shroeder was so impressive.

  • T
    Tyler S.

    The most informative dermatology appointments I have ever had. The doctor is very helpful in working through how my medication will interact with my daily schedule, as well as my body. The office staff are all very accommodating and kind.

  • N
    Nancy W.

    Dr. Schroeder is very thorough, caring and will always do the right thing for you. She is respectful of your needs, and will provide you with all the options needed for whatever reason you are visiting her for.

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