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Well, it's time to talk about aging. So many of us tend to overlook our necks, right, there are always ways to fight back against it and dermatologist Doctor Susan Schroeder from perfect skin dermatology joins us to talk about ways to combat the saggy neck, the turkey neck as my mom calls it right? Yeah, all right. There's a there's so many things that we do for the face you know we've been able to really tighten the jawline and prove the skin texture but everybody forgets about their neck and we can't it's right there attached to your head, so I know and then when you're putting that sunscreen on you might miss that spot so this is getting exposed to the Sun more, right, so what so what are some ways that we can you know correct this you know sagging area because it feels like it's just lost once it starts. Right and there's not one treatment or one cream that's going to fix everything. I wish there was, me too, but you have to break down the components of what's really wrong what do we not like about our necks. Is it that it's discoloured from sun exposure, is it the texture is more wrinkly, do we have lines across it, do we have platysma banding, these little bands that show up, or is it just too much volume or too little volume is it droopy so once we break those things down then we can address it more efficiently, okay, I can keep going, yeah, no keep going, so like it’s not straightforward for people though it is what it is, like I don't like my neck but I don't I don't know why I don't know what it is to me, yeah Botox is that going to help me? Right, well it's not really the end all but so you know the first thing is sunscreen is really important UVA UVB infrared especially men they tend to, oh that's the facelift. So yeah, but especially men they will you know forget to do their neck and we see a lot of red here. Right, so that's one thing and then there's also a great neck cream out there we call Mecary it's called the elastin, the scientists behind this cream have actually been able to identify the exact receptor that's in the skin that will turn on that production of collagen and elastin and you see the results in a month, it's amazing. So that's where I would start. Wow okay so we want to start with you know conservative measures, right, but the line the pictures that we just saw up on the screen that's a face lift, that’s a neck lift, that's like the neck and lower face yeah, okay, so there are ways I mean if you wanted to go surgery but we're talking about ways, yeah, to conservative measures we can take beforehand. We're talking those are the two extremes that's right that's that does a neck lift and face lift that's under local anaesthesia in our office actually but, yeah? Yeah, you didn't know that, no, so but let's talk about some other thing in between, so you know there are we use Botox in the neck, we, we, can dilute it out and really change the texture, if you have banding that goes across we can fill that with filler I usually dilute a filler out and then put it in to really get rid of some of those lines, some of the bandy that comes down here these are actually very thin muscles in the neck and we can insert Botox into that to change it and then after that you've heard of skin tightening, Thermage all therapy, all these things work well but they're not so, you can't always predict what the results are going to be like, they react different on different people, exactly, right, okay, so those are some things okay and that is I think that's Infini, so that's radiofrequency combined with micro needling. It's one device the micro needles go into your skin and then the radiofrequency is delivered and it makes a very nice result that's about three treatments and that's very little downtime. So that would be the next step up from Thermage overall therapy. Okay, all right hey and then of course you do have you know if you're going to go into those radiofrequency, micro needling is there's one other one I'm going to talk about but then the thing above that would be doing a neck lift. Okay, so we've got Botox filler there are oh this is a gentleman who came and this is the before picture and you can see you can really see the difference. Yeah, and that's radiofrequency micro needling and then I don't want to forget about tumescent liposuction you know some of us we have too much volume in the neck and that will really make a difference. The other thing is to put fat in the neck. Some people that are too scrawny and I think I suffer from a little bit of that you know would do well with fat transfer but I can't really do that to myself so. You are going to have to find a doctor you trust, no, all right and so one of the lasers you wanted to talk about was profound right, yeah, before we wrap it up here and, right, that is an amazing laser that everyone sees really great result. Yes, it is actually I am going to Dallas tomorrow to get my own treatment because there's nobody around here that has it but we do have an office and we're going to start offering it very, very, soon and I am so excited about profound because the results are just that, amazing. Profound, well if you wanted try it for yourself, yeah, or one of these other conservative or extreme measures you can go online for more info perfect skin derma dot com or give them a call for two one seven one three two they're over there at Lake Plaza Drive.