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Options for “Opening Your Eyes”

The light, the heat… lost in them… hungry or even lyin’ (let’s hope not). No matter what else they are, the eyes are the most expressive part of your face the windows to your soul, and the area of the face that tends to age the earliest (reality check).

We have options – YOU have options …and lots of them! From scientifically proven, medical-grade topical treatments and medium-depth chemical peels to CO2 resurfacing and surgical eye lifts/minimally invasive forehead lifts, we have every level of intervention for every age. Our less-invasive options are discussed in another blog. If you’re ready for minimally invasive surgery, read below.

The Upper Eyelid

Dr. Schroeder will make an incision along the eyelid’s natural fold when your upper eyelid needs rejuvenation. This incision will extend as needed to address and include skin folds outside the upper eyelid. She will remove redundant skin and tissue, and the incision will be artfully and expertly closed. This procedure will leave minimal scarring, and because it will fall within the natural crease of your eyelid, it will be hidden.

The Lower Eyelid

To address the laxity of the under-eye skin, Dr. Schroeder makes her incision along the lash line to realign the loose skin and remove excess. One has to be careful in performing this procedure, so as not to put too much tension on the skin and cause the shape of the eye aperture to change; small adjustments make larger changes in overall appearance. If the undereye has hollows or herniated fat (“bags”), often responsible for a puffy lower eyelid appearance, Dr. Schroeder will most likely use a mucosal surgical approach(the inside of the eyelid) to resuspend the structures to a more youthful position. An advantage to this latter approach is that no stitches are needed.

Additions and Alternatives

Some patients don’t need a blepharoplasty, or they need something else in addition; they might need a brow lift (browpexy) or a forehead lift. Dr. Schroeder does these as well, under local anesthesia, and with an absorbable device called an Endotine. The procedure requires a small incision easily concealed and is considered minimally invasive surgery.

The Procedure and Post Care

Eyelid surgery requires only local anesthesia and oral sedatives and is an outpatient procedure. A procedure addressing both the upper and lower eyelids usually takes about 2 hours from start to finish. Post-operatively, there will be bruising and swelling around the eyes. Applying an ice pack while keeping your head elevated combined with medicated eye ointment will assist in bringing the swelling down and promote healing.