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A Profound® Advance in Anti-Aging Treatment is Available in Juno Beach, Florida

Like countless other women and men in the 40 to 60 age range, would you like to have younger-looking skin? Have you reached the point where peels and injectables can no longer remediate signs of aging? Yet maybe you are not quite ready to consider a surgical facelift. At Perfect Skin Dermatology in Juno Beach, Florida, Profound® is a non-surgical treatment alternative.

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What is the Profound® treatment?

At Perfect Skin Dermatology in Juno Beach, Florida, Profound® is a nonsurgical treatment alternative. It outperforms all other devices because its precision design delivers the precise temperature and pulse with microneedling radio frequency to give you the optimum parameters to double your collagen and increase your elastin content five-fold with every single pulse. There is no device on the market that can hold a candle to this treatment. Results last two to three years, and every one response. This is truly the stopgap between fillers/toxins and a facelift.

Profound® is also used on other parts of the body, including abdomen, thighs and arms to tighten and rejuvenate the skin.


Introducing Profound advance in anti-aging treatment

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Check out Profound, the natural, non-surgical alternative to younger, smoother looking skin, whether on your face, thighs, or in between.

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The true bridge between injectables and a facelift

Dr. Schroeder discusses the only energy device that gives you significant, long-lasting improvement 100% of the time.
Experience the Profound truth; it’s a game-changer for aging skin. Doctor Susan Schroeder is here this morning with a procedure ....

Well aging does not have to be a dreaded process. It can be exciting especially when you have the right techniques to help you looking radiant and not a day older. Doctor Susan Schroeder is here this morning with a procedure that is all the talk and it’s a wonderful for wonderful thing for tightening skin looking younger and there’s not much downtime. So good morning doc thank you so much for joining. Good morning. So, tell us a little bit about this so it’s an it’s an energy device right so it’s unlike any other. That’s correct. So, we’ve had energy devices for about15, 16, 17, years. Thermage was the first one, for Thermage was radiofrequency and it was basically energy that was delivering to the skin, when it gets into the, the, deeper levels of the skin, it’s converted to heat. It denatures which kind of messes the collagen up a little bit so that it has to basically heal itself and produce more. Oh, okay so it’s encouraging your body to, to, do that okay but, right, things like that older, older, techniques that are 15 years old. Yeah, probably aren’t as gentle on your body, and I well and I had that a number of years ago. I was very excited about it and it was a little bit of a letdown and the reason what yeah because about 33% of patients really had a wow result and then another 33% of patients you’d look and if you looked at the before and afters, you’d say oh well I think I can see a difference but it really is it worth spending you know kind of money, Yeah, to do that and then the other third didn’t have any result at all and it’s very tough as a patient and also as a physician to not have any results. You feel like you failed and you did everything right but we couldn’t figure out why some people were responding and others were not, Okay, and then there were other ones that came along like Tighten, you may have heard of and symphony and the symphony uses UV no actually tighten I think as UV light to tighten and then and then Ul therapy is more recent which is ultrasound, it goes a little deeper but again I really feel that all of those were falling short. Okay, I’ve used many of them and I wasn’t impressed. Okay, so this one we’re talking tightening, Yes so, I think my stretch mark, yup, my maybe my arms at aren’t as muscular, yup. Used to be so we’re can we use this early, what does it do? So, you can use it there are FDA approvals for it and then there are other things that we do that are off-label. So the main place to use it is the neck and the lower face but you can also use it on the lower eyelids, you can use it on the forehead, you can do it on the arms and the elbows and the knees and the buttocks and yeah alright and we’ve got some pictures necklace yeah no this is one in treatment this is it Wow this is in place of like a lower neck lift or you know liposuction or something like that which you know convicted to be really invasive procedures this is the perfect bridge between fillers and Botox and a facelift and I’ve been looking for that and we do have other things like Lutronnic micro needling which is great for acne scarring, really good for a laxity the neck just kind of creepy texture, right, but this is a huge lifter and what’s so amazing about it the reason that it works so much better than everything else is that now after 17 years of research, we have determined that if you treat at 67 degrees Celsius and you do a long pulse, so I’m not talking one of those fraction of a section, second, section of a second I get what you are saying, second devices, it’s in your skin for three or four seconds, so that long pulse and always delivering at 67 degrees and these needles are bipolar. So, they’re recalibrating all the time in order to may always make sure that they’re delivering that device. You will double your collagen and you will increase the elastin, the elasticity of your skin by five times and no other devices even ever address, that before. Wow, so this is a game changer okay, all right so we saw some of these before-and-after treatments and we talked about the places that we could use it but you know what is what’s the downtime because that’s what always worries me when I think you know lasers or something like that an in-office procedure you’re looking at downtime or you know you’ve got some scars that you have to wait to heal, right ,what is this one, okay, well I had it about three and a half weeks ago, okay, so I’m still it takes about three months to see the results but I have no downtime, downtime, now but still nobody wouldn’t want anything for three and a half weeks that’s a long time. When I did it, I was swollen for the first and second day, okay, look on a plane with it I mean I wasn’t ridiculous it didn’t look like a monster but You did not look like sleepy right? Right exactly when I wake up, I think I have a little bit fooling like that right is that right looks like it’s nothing that anyone would notice. No, you’re not bloody you maybe a little bruised but that’s something that you can cover with makeup it’s usually just minor bruising, okay, and I would say by about eight days I looked pretty much back to normal, like I could go to a cocktail party and be okay with that, but it’ll keep tightening over three months and that’s when you see the final result that’s amazing. That’s six months, but actually but you’ll see a real result in three and then yeah. Three- and six-months wow. Yeah, doctor I want to thank you so much, and oh it last two to three years the other ones only less like a year to 18 months. Oh my gosh, this is a two- or three-year treatment, yes, and then most people at that point will get they’ll either go to a facelift, right, or they will get a smaller like a touch-up procedure with this profound. Well, I think if anyone is interested, they should definitely come and check it out so this segment is sponsored by perfect skin dermatology. So you can head to perfectskinderm.com for more information about profound like the doc has on her cut right here. It really is a great procedure if you’re looking for something that doesn’t have a lot of downtime. You’re tightening those areas it’s really great 17 years of technology come to fruition today. Well don’t go away because after the break.



Profound real patient before and after

Before the Treatment

After the Treatment

Profound real patients before and after at Perfect Skin MD

Before the Treatment

After the Treatment

How does the Profound® treatment work?

There can be some residual redness, bruising, or swelling but these minor side effects typically resolve within a week for patients who follow post-procedure instructions. You may wear makeup the next day.

Expect some improvement right away from immediate collagen contraction and continued smoothing and tightening over the course of several weeks as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid build in deeper skin layers. The change is natural, and results are long lasting.