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Warts (Verruca Vulgaris)

Although common warts are considered harmless, they can be uncomfortable, contagious, and pose a cosmetic concern. If you are googling “wart removal near me” in Juno Beach, Florida, you should consider us. Dr. Susan Schroeder of Perfect Skin offers gentle and effective treatment options.

What are warts?

A wart is a skin growth, usually rough-textured and grainy in appearance, that is caused by a virus that infects skin cells. There are many strains of warts, and appearances may vary. Some are flat, popular, or rough thickened growths. Plantar warts, which develop on the feet, grow inward rather than outward.

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is contagious. It can be transmitted by sharing objects such as towels, or through direct skin contact. It may take several months after exposure before the wart becomes visible.

Once warts develop, it can take months or years for them to resolve. Many people choose to have warts removed because they are unsightly or painful. Genital warts are sexually transmitted.

Treatment options

If you’ve been searching for wart treatments online, you’ve probably seen several blogs or social posts touting home cures. Many of these are ineffective or even dangerous. Additionally, self-treatment can lead to scars, which are especially concerning in the case of facial wart removal. Fortunately, professional medical treatment is safe, comfortable, predictable, and typically complication-free.

After a consultation and examination, Dr. Schroeder will recommend the best treatment for your condition. Options may include:

  • Cryosurgery – liquid nitrogen is used to destroy (freeze off) the wart.
  • Cantharidin – an extract preparation from a beetle that causes the wart to blister and destroys the cells that the wart has infected. This is the original “beetle-juice”.
  • Other medicines –Injectable immunotherapy medications, such as candida antigen or 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) may assist your immune system in fighting off the viral infection. A subset of patients will respond to H-1 antihistamine oral medication (cimetidine).