Recontouring with Fillers Gives Juno Beach, Florida Faces Youthful Symmetry

In the hands of a trained and intuitive injector, recontouring with fillers effectively corrects wrinkles with minimal discomfort, downtime, or risk of side effects. Susan Schroeder MD brings two decades of experience in face contouring injections to men and women in the Juno Beach, Florida area.

Non-surgical face contouring – more than filling wrinkles

Early in the evolution of injectables, it was common practice to fill every wrinkle. That, however, distorts characteristics that make your face unique, and it does not necessarily look more youthful – just overfilled.

Dr. Schroeder applies expertise in use of facial contouring fillers to address the cause, rather than the symptom, of aging skin. Over time, we lose facial volume from bone resorption, muscle atrophy, diminishment of fat pads, and collagen depletion. Without these support structures, skin sags, lines between nose and mouth deepen, and the jawline becomes blurred. Jowls and neck creases develop.

Expert injection of dermal fillers supplements volume, helping to lift, define, and refresh facial contours.

Dr. Schroeder creates customized protocols using a variety of fillers:

  • Juvéderm – Hyaluronic acid (HA) in a proprietary cross-linked compound provides immediate volume and ongoing internal hydration. Juvéderm’s soft, thinner formula is an excellent lip contour filler, and thicker viscosities provide deep tissue volumization.
  • Restylane – Another terrific family of HA fillers, with distinctive properties and longevity.
  • Radiesse – Tiny beads of calcium hydroxylapatite suspended in a smooth gel carrier stimulate collagen regeneration.
  • Sculptra – This collagen stimulator is administered in a series of three deep dermis injection sessions. The poly-L-lactic acid compound smooths wrinkles from within.
  • Bellafill – FDA-approved for permanent implantation in skin, with polymethylmethacrylate microns that are not absorbed by the body. A qualified injector is critical!
  • Revanesse Versa – The brand new soft hyaluronic acid filler that is more cost-effective and works well for soft subtel change at the lips and eyes.

Expert in Recontouring with Fillers is Right Here in Juno Beach, Florida

Dr. Schroeder personally administers all injectable treatments. She uses fillers to add strategic volume to the upper portion of the face, smooth wrinkles, lift the jawline, straighten the nose, raise eyebrows, or fill acne scars. She brings an artistic eye to the process, with sensitivity to variances between masculine and feminine features. Dr. Schroeder’s technique has been taught to dermatology residents at University of Colorado. Her skill is often sought to correct, or balance work done by other providers.