Contouring With Fillers

Cropped image of two faces for treatment via fillers

Filler injections are used to correct wrinkles, hollows, and contours most commonly on the face, although they are used in other areas less-frequently. This procedure is quite popular, as it is a safe, effective method of rejuvenating the face with little downtime and less cost than most surgical procedures. Fillers have become popular with a younger crowd: those ready to intervene to maintain a fresh, natural appearance, but hesitant to undergo surgical cosmetic procedures. More mature patients often prefer fillers as well, as they are usually more subtle and less-invasive than surgery.

At Perfect Skin, we use fillers to improve fine lines, deeper wrinkles and folds, hollows, volume loss, and acne scarring. By far, Dr. Schroeder’s favorite use of these products is to recontour the face by lifting a jawline, adding strategic volume to refresh and revive a face, straighten a nose, or lift an eyebrow. Dr. Schroeder has been working with fillers for over 17 years and has been the primary instructor guiding and teaching Dermatology residents in her filler techniques over the past four years.

In order to understand and correct facial aging, it is important that your physician have an artistic eye and attention to detail. The entire process of aging comprises of bone structure loss, muscle atrophy, fat deposit loss, and reduction in collagen. All of this resorption results in a loss of support structure for the skin, causing it to fall towards the central and lower face. Your injector needs to have a critical eye and the ability to step back and evaluate your entire face to develop the most beautiful and subtle enhancement.

Fillers that we frequently inject include: Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse products. We also use collagen stimulators (Sculptra) and the newest long-lasting (5 years) filler, Bellafill. To read more about our approach to fillers, please visit our blog page on fillers:

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