Colorado Springs Cosmetic Surgeon Provides Natural-looking Results Tailored to your Unique Goals

From life’s big events to our regular day-to-day interactions and every moment in between, your self-confidence plays an enormous role in how you walk through life and how others perceive you. In addition to genetics, our physical appearance can be greatly affected by pregnancy, aging, traumatic injuries, illnesses, diet, and medications. Dr. Susan Schroeder is a cosmetic surgeon dedicated to helping patients in the Colorado Springs area regain their confidence in their appearance, with natural-looking results focused on retaining the physical qualities that make you unique.

Your personalized cosmetic surgery experience

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is not one that people should take lightly, and for a good reason! It is vital that you work with a cosmetic surgeon that you can trust to hear your goals, address your concerns, and provide an understandable and compassionate approach to your care. At Perfect Skin Dermatology, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Schroeder has undergone extensive formal fellowship training in cosmetic and surgical dermatology. She helps patients achieve their desired results without having them look “like they had work done.”

  • The first step in your cosmetic surgery experience with Perfect Skin Dermatology is to visit Dr. Schroeder for an in-depth consultation and evaluation.
  • Dr. Schroeder is straightforward and will present treatment options that will work best for your specific needs and prepare you for the results you can realistically expect.

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  • You will be provided with information on cost and procedure, including how to prepare for the procedure and instructions for the post-operative period.
  • When you are ready to move forward, we will schedule you for surgery in one of our operating room suites. We use the latest anesthetic options to ensure you are completely comfortable and relaxed during your surgery and are there with you every step of the way.

Cosmetic surgery for the face and body

Dr. Schroeder offers a wide array of facial surgical options for patients, such as eyelid surgery for heavy brows or drooping eyelids, lower facelift, neck lift, acne scar revision, and earlobe repair. She also performs body enhancement surgeries, including liposuction, fat transfers, nail surgery, and the removal of skin growths and discolorations such as moles, skin tags, and birthmarks.

To experience the difference in cosmetic surgical care that Dr. Schroeder provides, call Perfect Skin Dermatology at (719) 421-7132 and schedule your consultation today!

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