PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation

PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs Area

As women age, their bodies lose elasticity. Aging doesn’t spare the vaginal tissues, resulting in discomfort and loss of pleasure during intimate moments. PRP can rejuvenate vaginal tissues. Elasticity, lubrication, and sensation are improved, resulting in more pleasurable and heightened intimacy. What Is PRP? PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, and the treatment uses the body’s own platelets to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues. At Perfect Skin Dermatology, we use a technically-advanced machine, more potent than that used on the face, hair and other skin-bearing areas, to produce a PRP that is powerful enough to rejuvenate deeper tissues. With these  injections, the … Continue reading

Using Botox for Facial Lines and Contours in Colorado Springs

Botox for Mouth Lines at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs Area

Botox is one of the most efficient tools that cosmetic surgeons use to target wrinkles and improve contours. Botox treats fine lines and wrinkles and restores your confidence in your appearance. Dr. Schroeder takes Botox even one step further, using it to adjust facial contours: adjusting an eyebrow, thinning a face, fixing a gummy smile, improving a down-turned mouth, opening up your eyes, or lessening crepe-like skin under the eyes and on the neck. How Botox Works Botox works by temporarily relaxing the facial muscles. Botox is injected into the skin at several key locations in the treatment area. By … Continue reading

Jeuveau Injections for Reducing Frown Lines at a Colorado Springs Dermatology Practice

Jeuveau Injections for Frown Lines at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs Area

No one ever really wants fine lines and wrinkles, but frown lines, in particular, can be disturbing as they can make an individual appear angry or unhappy. If you suspect that your facial expression is sending the wrong impression, Jeuveau injections may be a solution. Dr. Susan Schroeder offers effective treatment for frown lines (also called “elevens”) at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs, Colorado. What is Jeuveau, and how is it different from Botox? Most people have heard of Botox® — but you may not have heard of Jeuveau or “NewTox.” Jeuveau works similarly to Botox in that it … Continue reading

Perfect your pout: Botox® for enhancing lip contour in Colorado Springs, CO

Botox for Lip Lines at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs CO Area

Botox® Cosmetic is a household name for treating “frown lines” on the forehead and “crow’s feet” around the eyes. It can  also be used effectively to enhance lips. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Schroeder is a pioneer in the use of innovative cosmetic dermatologic treatments and cosmeceuticals. Your natural appearance, safety, and health are in exceptional hands at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs, CO. Lip lines  Your lipstick bleeds into them; others may assume you’re a smoker. Youthful tissues contain plenty of natural hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin that contribute to well-moisturized, firm, and elastic skin. As your skin ages, … Continue reading

Neck lift Benefits in Colorado Springs, CO

Neck Lift Cost and Benefits at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs CO Area

Not all patients need or desire a full facelift. As modern surgical techniques continue to evolve, so have alternatives to achieving natural-looking results. At Perfect Skin Dermatology, we preserve your facial features, so you still look like yourself, just a refreshed and younger version. Board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Susan Schroeder is pleased to offer the benefits of a neck lift as a stand-alone alternative or part-of a conventional facelift.  Basics  A facelift improves signs of aging on the face and neck, including skin laxity and fallen contours: nasolabial folds around the mouth and nose, loss of volume, jowls, … Continue reading

Questions You Should Ask Before Undergoing a Neck Lift Procedure in Colorado Springs CO

Neck Lift Procedure at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs CO Area

Neck lift procedures continue to be a popular choice for aging neck skin. They reduce the appearance of loose skin, eliminate lines and wrinkles, eliminate excess skin, and restore an overall tighter, younger appearance. Despite these benefits, deciding to undergo a neck lift can still be nerve-wracking. Asking pertinent questions during the consultation with your physician can help you feel more confident about the procedure. What technique will be used for the procedure? When undergoing neck lift surgical treatment, there are a couple of techniques your surgeon may use. For example, the procedure may involve cervicoplasty — removing excess skin … Continue reading

Find out about Microneedling Cost and Benefits in Colorado Springs CO

Microneedling Cost and Benefits at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs CO Area

If you live in Colorado Springs, CO and are interested in learning more about microneedling we’d like to help educate you on  the pros and cons of the procedure.. What Is Microneedling? Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that treats skin texture and tone by promoting collagen production. Tiny pricks are made in your skin with a handheld device; the pricks cause microscopic injuries to the skin. The healing process of the skin responds by remodeling, creating new collagen-rich tissue. This procedure might be helpful to those who want to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, scars, fine lines, and large … Continue reading

Benefits of Fat Transfer vs. Dermal Fillers in Colorado Springs CO

What Are The Fat Transfer Cost and Benefits at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs CO Area

With aging comes gradual loss of  facial volume. To address this natural phenomenon, many individuals look for a solution that will produce natural-appearing, lasting results. Fat transfer may be the answer. At Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs, CO, physician, Susan Schroeder, MD, understands this procedure inherently and has been performing such for the past fifteen years.  Fat Transfer Cost and Benefits in Colorado Springs CO There are a few options to consider when evaluating  facial volume restoration. Most popular is injectable dermal fillers. While these may provide instant results with minimal downtime, they may only be a temporary option. … Continue reading

Lip rejuvenation treatment at Colorado Springs, CO area practice

Lip Rejuvenation Treatment at Colorado Springs, CO Area Practice

Do you have thin lips? Are your lips less pouty and full than they used to be? Do you have lip lines that cause your lipstick to bleed? Are you seeking a more dramatic but natural appearance to your lips? Have you been unhappy with how your lips balance with your other facial features? Dr. Susan Schroeder at Perfect Skin Dermatology in Colorado Springs, Colorado understands lip contours and balance on another level. How are Lips Rejuvenated at Perfect Skin Dermatology? There are multiple ways in which Dr. Susan Schroeder assists patients in enhancing the shape and size of their … Continue reading

Dermatology practice in Colorado Springs, CO offers anti-aging care for men and women

Dermatology Practice in Colorado Springs, CO Area Offers Anti-aging Care for Men and Women

Aging gracefully is attainable. At Perfect Skin Dermatology, Dr. Susan Schroeder and her team of professionals in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area assist individuals in turning back time on aging skin with dermatologic solutions. Skincare treatment and anti-aging care are just a phone call away! Can a dermatologist help treat the signs of aging? Yes! Dr. Susan Schroeder has been helping men and women for years who are interested in reversing fine lines and wrinkles, photodamage and sallow skin that can contribute to an aged look. She evaluates patients and listens to them in regard to what they would like … Continue reading